Random thoughts
By Dr A Q Khan
Monday, August 06, 2012

The public at large-intellectuals, political analysts, commentators, columnists, lawyers, journalists, students, etc.-are all extremely worried about the dangerous situation the country is facing. Everyone is talking about the rampant corruption, load shedding, inflation, unemployment, targeted killings, maladministration, etc., and are at a loss on how to get out of this situation and how to get rid of the rulers who are perpetuating the problems. There are daily discussions about the problems and the rulers make false promises with no results, thus leading to a vicious circle. Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Lahore are witnessing regularly targeted killings while our spineless politicians have put the survival of the country at stake. What a self-centered, corrupt clique! The Supreme Court is being treated like a small “kutchery” and one can hear the rulers making derogatory remarks about it and blatantly flouting its decisions.

I have been approached by hundreds of thousands of patriotic Pakistanis who have requested me to play a role and save the country from the looming danger. They continue to point out that when the country was in mortal danger on a previous occasion, I returned to Pakistan leaving behind a respectable and bright career, and, together with my able and patriotic colleagues, we managed to give it nuclear and missile capability. This effectively neutralized India’s aggressive designs. It seemed an impossible task at the time, but we managed to do it against all odds. Since my withdrawal from the nuclear affairs of the country I have been involved in social welfare work and have been instrumental in setting up many educational institutions and welfare organizations.

Ab Waqat-e-Jihad Aeya

Insani Zahniyet-Khud Fraibi-Nafsiyat

Invaluable literary works

Random thoughts
By Dr A Q Khan
November 28, 2011

The last few columns were, unfortunately, on unpleasant topics due to the prevailing sad circumstances in the country. In last week’s article I was forced to rebut the blatant lies of a certain journalist who claims to be the commanding officer of Imran Khan’s task force. Today I would like to write about some fine books that I have read recently. These are literary gems for students, political analysts, authors, etc., to read, enjoy and benefit from.

The first book, Afghanistan and Pakistan-Conflict, Extremism and Resistance to Modernity, is written by our ableintelligent and competent former foreign secretary Riaz Mohammad Khan. It was recently published in the US by the Woodrow Wilson Centre Press and in Pakistan by Oxford University Press. Riaz Khan is also the author of Untying the Afghan Knot: Negotiating Soviet Withdrawal (1991), an important book on the topic.

Riaz Mohammad Khan is a dear and staunch friend. When Gen Musharraf, playing the US stooge, confined me to my house, cut off our telephone lines, confiscated our mobiles and stopped visits from family and friends, Riaz ignored the official orders and the possible consequences and continued to visit us, bringing with him a breath of fresh air to my wife and myself. A career diplomat, he served as Pakistan’s ambassador in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the European Union, Belgium and China. He also held important desks in the Foreign Office, including that of DG for Afghanistan.

Riaz has a very pleasant, interesting, intellectual and low profile personality and one needs to know his background to be able to fully appreciate this book, for which he conducted extensive research.

Anmol Jawahar