Dr. A Q Khan
Mohsin e Pakistan

Sabaq Amoz Waqiat

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May 31st, 2010

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2 Responses to “Sabaq Amoz Waqiat”

  1. yasir iqbal Says:

    thought provoking

  2. shamim ul haq Says:

    just want to say my dearest Hero Dr AQ Khan sb May you live long and sory from us that our dishonest leaders and reporters are teasing u. it is very shameful for all of us becoz we could not give u respect which u deserve. But one thing i want to say I LOVE U and u Live in my heart. And u live in every pakistani,s heart which is sincere with this country and nation. My feelings that i can,t put into words for u, becoz i am poor by words and poor by wealth, but i have self respect and a loveable heart for the creator of Etom Bomb In Islamic world.
    U r our original hero.
    we can just pray for u and can keep in our heart and soul.

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