Dr. A Q Khan
Mohsin e Pakistan

28 May-Kis Baat ke Khushi

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May 24th, 2010

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3 Responses to “28 May-Kis Baat ke Khushi”

  1. tayyab Says:

    i have no words for ur kindness DR A Q Khan Slute too u too ur life ur pasion and ur love with pakistan but over are all gov are busterd they are not acct like u plz come in GOV kindly do some thing more pakistan kindly sir thanks

  2. majid Says:

    I read this article and i appreciate the efforts of THE GREAT DR. A.Q KAN,THE SECOND FATHER OF NATION.

  3. Usman Says:

    all the nation love DR A.Q Khan,,,,,,& we will always stand with him in every stage

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