Dr. A Q Khan
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Yaum-e-Taqbeer aur Betay Lamhat

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May 27th, 2009


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6 Responses to “Yaum-e-Taqbeer aur Betay Lamhat”

  1. kayani Says:

    i would like to question why the president of Pakistan mr zardari never gave any message to nation on this day.There was only one ceremony reported at chaghi site according to some reports in which some army officers gathered at Chaghi site and recited quran and distributed food in poor.i question the government of pakistan ignorance towards country important day. It was day when fate of Pakistan changed and our president doesn’t even care? Is this day only important to Army? God bless Dr A Q Khan. The nation will never forget his works for Pakistan. He is only person whom name we can say in Muslim world and Muslims reply back calling him a “hero of Muslim ummah”.we are ashamed to say our president name but the name of dr a q khan is big support to our nation. Even his name is so much hope to us. dr a q khan, please stand for the presidency and save Pakistan. we hope u will stand in next elections and save us. you are our only light now. we as nation will support u and we would love to be under your leadership.

  2. admin Says:

    Your sentiments are welcome and your words through this forum, represent all other patriotic Pakistani’s …

  3. Abrar Hashmi Says:

    May God bless you with and keep your shadow on us for long. Aamen
    We salute you sir and proud to have you….
    You were our hero, you are and you will remain for ever.

    From a Pakistani who’s heart throb for Pakistan and eye weep for Pakistan

  4. ehsan Says:

    Asalam o Alikum,
    may Almighty ALLAH bless you with the BEST of HIS for whatever you have done,not only for the PK but for the Muslim um-ah . in 98 i was a student of 9th class,and at that time i had read about you and your noble ambitions.when i did my metric i wished to follow your footsteps by devoting myself for the sake of the Muslim um-ah but nobody was there to guide me.
    RESPECTED SIR you were my hero at that time and still you are, and forever will be.i used to call you as ” QUAID-E-AZAM SANI ” and still do so,because you are the ONE who single handedly saved (recreated) pk on 28 may 1998. i salute you with all of my love,devotion and respect from the depths of my soul.may ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH EACH AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WISHED FOR, AND MAY LET YOU LIVE FOREVER.IT WILL BE THE MOST HONORABLE AND BEST THING, ACTUALLY PRIZE FOR ME,IF YOU CAN REPLY ME,JUST A FEW WORLDS AND THEY WILL BE THE REWARD OF MY LIFE.

  5. Muhammad Umer Rasheed Says:

    Dr. A. Q Khan, you are right that Allah has chosen you for this task & He shall Reward you for your untiring efforts done for your & our beloved homeland. Our Gratitude & Duas are always with u Sir.

    An ordinary patriotic Pakistani : )

  6. Sajid Awan Says:

    Dear Sir, You Are The Proude Of The Islamic Nations,I Love U Very Much.
    May Allah Make Me Like U.

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